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Entry #2

News + Darkbeat

2010-01-03 17:53:53 by Varnik

Hey all! Its been a while since we posted to keep you up to date. We have been busy with school and work so not much progress has been done. We took part in the Marvel Collab and it turned out pretty good! Check it out!

We will start once again to work on South Park Smash. JKAmovies is taking part in this game with us and if anyone else is interested please let us know. We are also restarting this project from scratch to make it better.

In other news we are proud to say that our song DarkBeat has made top 30 in the audio portal! Check it out and review it to tell us what you think!


The Varnik Team.

News + Darkbeat


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2010-02-12 03:37:41

Great job man! keep up the good work!

Varnik responds: